About Professional Insurance
Planners, Inc.
.Incorporated in 2005 by Skuoe-Marcet Ponton, Sr. after
working in the insurance industry for over 12 years as a
producer, general agent and managing general agent.

We specialize in insurance products for the general public,
and insurance contracts and training to agents and agencies
that qualify.  

We are successful on our clients' behalf because we present
your needs to numerous insurance companies and actively
search for the best value.

Our agents and agencies achieve your success through a
systematic review of all issues affecting your insurance
needs.  All materials used by the company are fully
compliant, and all agents are licensed  and insured by the
state, by the companies we work with, and by our firm.

For a confidential and professional insurance planning
review, click on the "Contact Us"  button on the left and fill
out your information.
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